Puppy Application


King Of Clubs Great Danes


Sid & Cyndi Calk


Full Name

Full address

Phone number home                                           Cell

Email address

Dog related references:



Phone number                                                  email

Veterinary Reference



Phone number

Describe where you live ( apt, home, rural ,fencing) rent or own?

How many people and what ages live with you?

Do you have a fenced yard? describe the area

Do you own other animals how many and what ages

Have you ever had a Great Dane or Giant breed before? if yes describe

Have you ever given any of your animals to rescue or shelter?

Have you ever had to put an animal to sleep ? Please describe

How many hours a day are you away from home?

Where will the puppy stay when you are home and where will the puppy stay when you are away?

Are you will to provide the following for the puppy?

Proper socialization beginning soon after it has received its final booster shot such as going for etc.

high quality food with proper nutritional levels for a rapidly growing Great Dane Puppy

Proper Vet care including yearly exams and as needed otherwise?


Heart-worm preventative

flea and tick preventative

de worming treatments as needed

* If for any reason we suspect the puppy is not being cared for properly, do you give us permission to make a surprise inspection of this puppy and its living conditions?

to complete CHIC thru

* What is you first choice for a new puppy



Which type of AKC registration are you interested in and why

___ Limited AKC Registration Pet registration only

___ Full AKC Registration , Do you plan to show or breed?

* Are you aware that if you place a deposit on one of our puppies that it is non refundable Unless the puppy is injured ,develops health problems or dies before it leaves us to go to your home, You need to have your puppy seen by your veterinary with in 72hours

* Are you aware that  all puppies here at King of Clubs Great Danes will be sold with a signed contract stating that for any reason you can not keep and care for this puppy you must return the puppy to us (at your expense) along with signed AKC papers back over to us YOU MAY NOT REHOME This Puppy,( purchase price will not be refunded.

** Do you agree to allow us to contact your references?

*** puppy Registered name will be agreed on and puppy will be registered prior to leaving KOC


Pet Homes

The Following questions are for people seeking Limited AKC Registration only

* Do you agree to spay/neuter  this puppy ? And to not do so with out permission of KOC prior to 18 months and providing proof of this procedure


***Show or Breeding home

For people seeking Full AKC registration

Have you ever shown a dog before?

If Yes please state what breed and accomplishment

** Please describe show plans in detail


**Have you ever breed before what breed

you agree to do proper health testing at age 2

Do You agree not to breed prior to 2yr old health testing is completed

***Do you agree to only breed to danes w AKC or FCI registration ,Do you agree to stay within the color code of conduct as describes by GDCA

Do you agree to keep your dane once retired from breeding

** Please describe your breeding program

Type your paragraph here.

King of Clubs Great Danes