King of Clubs Great Danes

Parent Letter

To New Mom's and Dad's

Congratulations ! You are now the proud owner of what is considered to be the Apollo of Dogs and the new owner of your heart. Look at it as having a toddler in the house.

read up before your new family member comes home. consistency is key, training early, socialization, obedience, We Recommend  a book by Jill Swedlow "Model of Nobility" along with reading the web site Great Dane club of America, code of ethics.

Toys- Please keep lots of different toys. Real bones are preferred (raw hide is dangerous they can swallow ,choke or have colon obstruction) carries great tough toys, Please no toys with stuffing or beans , it wont take long till your adorable puppy will  rip the head off that cute stuffed toy and swallow or choke on the stuffing, When they go for your belongings or a childs toy take it away giving them one of theirs instead tell them to "Leave it" in stern voice . It wont take long they are very intelligent and want to please you.NEVER strike or yell at your puppy.They want attention be it good or bad that is up to you. No forced exercise while they are growing. Their bodies go from 1-2 lbs to 165 lbs in 1year ,imagine the growing pains. Walks are great but do not expect a 3 mile run on growing joints. Probiotics are important to proper digestion and keeping your puppy free from diarrhea which can cause dehydration and death in very young danes. Please do not play with their mouths this can be hard for some to understand , Iam not referring to playing tug with a rope toy but grabbing the mouth or allowing them to mouth you....This is only cute for a very short period of time then they can fit your head in their mouth and it is no longer cute even though they may be big they still think they are tiny babies and mentally are very tiny babies and wont understand. Practice with your puppy while they are young gumming them  lifting jowls/lips exposing teeth this business for the puppy and your vet will appreciate good manners.

Giant Breed- What does this mean? Not large breed..... these are Giant Breed dogs and as such people think that they can hold the weight of a child, but they can not. they shouldn't be jumping up or down either while growing they have tremendous weight ad stretch on same sized bones as they lab or poodle, Just because they can do something doesn't mean they should do something. Dog food for giant breeds with true proper nutrition is very hard to find, feeding raw is preferred but need to do your research. also kibble not too high of protein 24-27% and moderate fat 14-16% with proper calcium to phosphorous ration 1.3/0.8 give or take . we recommend Fromm black and gold adult food for puppies has perfect ratios, also Taste of the wild puppy or adult wild salmon - not chicken kibble  for the first year then you can increase protein they are somewhat backward from large breed dogs.. Feed 1000mg-1500mg Vitamin C daily we use chewable it helps boost their immune system . Yogurt for digestion plus keep canned pumpkin always if they have vomiting or diarrhea it will help just couple tablespoons full. Cranberry pills we keep and give during rapid growth periods 1 to 2 times a week . the rapid growth causes imbalance in their urine making urine alkaline which ca cause cystitis, also  making them not able to control their bladder after they have been potty trained, they will have frequent peeing aslo these are signs and left un checked will turn into urine infection. Boiled chicken and rice best if upset tummies.

If you change the puppies diet do it gradually or you will get diarrhea .Let your puppy have quiet time after eating 45 min. Hold off feeding them if they are panting or have been playing hard .BLOT is a very serious issue in danes vomiting foam, hunched, over pacing minutes count when a dog is bloting. Some people like to do Gastroplexy when they have them spay/neuter around 18 months... Do Not do these early if they take your dogs stomach to the wall and they are not done growing they can have serious issues. Do Not allow your dane to jump up and give you a hug its not cute when they are 170 lbs and jump up on granny to say hi.

Early Training- This can not be said enough start with leash and manners at home and as soon as all shots complete  so they are protected from dog diseases enroll in obedience classes your local kennel clubs offer them as well as great socializing for your puppy with fellow dog owners . Walking on a leash from day one . Do not jerk on the leash or let the puppy pull you this is a bad habit and can damage their C spine causing such disorders they have found linked to Wobblers.Do not use retractable leash these are not for giant breeds. If you must a rolled up paper makes sufficient noise with out injuring them . Have people walk up to you reward you puppy for good behavior socialize, socialize they need to see people as friendly and non threatening carry puppy treats to reward them.

Potty Training-They are well on their way when you get your puppy to being potty trained. be consistent same area use same door etc.every time they drink out to potty every time they eat out to potty, if they have been playing hard they will forget to tell you they need to pee like a happy toddler they are. so out to potty, some people like to bell train them to ring when they need to go out.   Great danes are not lawn ornaments if your looking to leave a dog in the back yard get a sculpture. If your gone from home all day you may need to have someone  take your puppy out in the middle of the day for a while they really want to please you and setting them up for failure is stressful. Cut the water supply off a couple hours before bed . We use elevated bowls

Skin sensitivity- This is more for the light color danes, Harlequin, merlequin but can be any. They do shed some mostly 1 to 2 times a year if your using proper flea/tick protection and can still see pink skin , gold bond powder can be soothing the menthol , you can use on skin keep away from respiratory organs

Heart Worm- use heart worm preventative we use heart guard, give every 21 days that is all that it protects due to the life cycle of worms and fleas , yes you will have to give more then one pill maybe1 1/2 depends on your dogs weight. Flea protection do not use cheap harts topical it will burn the skin, we use Next guard

Comfortable bed- Give them somewhere to lay off the floor they ac get raw or swollen elbows they are boney dogs and don't belong on hard floors

Clean ears- with Q tip weekly and trim nails weekly every week they will be used to this when they come to you neglecting this is dangerous for you and your puppy. We use drimmel this is a job for them don't coddle them or poor puppy just be matter of fact . Bath frequently wth appropriate soaps

Dog Parks-If you must go to dog parks (we do not) take your own water bowl , there have been instances of antifreeze which will slowly kill your puppy. Your puppy is young and very impressionable wild and aggressive dogs can alter the way your puppy views other dogs for ever Never Give This Puppy to anyone else or a rescue you have signed a contract stating  you understand no rehoming policy of ours and this puppy will have to be returned to use at your cost .King of Clubs Great Danes places micro chips originally to us then you transfer them to you so if for any reason your dog gets lost and they can not reach you they will call us. You are their forever home and that is why we have entrusted one of our fur babies to you.

Spay /Neuter - Do not spay or neuter your puppy earlier then 18 months with out discussing it with us at KOC at that time if you choose you can also do Gastroplexy .Doing these too early are dangerous with higher risk of cancers and growth problems. Send proof of spay/neuter per limited registration contracts to us at

Please Call 941-350-3130 at any time with questions and send lots of pictures till the puppy is at least 1 yr old weneed these for our breeding records ad to evaluate our program

Thank you and enjoy your new Family member

We will let you know what and how much your puppy is eating before they leave us to come home with you.