King of Clubs Great Danes

King Of Clubs Great Danes

Sid & Cyndi Calk

Port Charlotte,FL




Puppy Information__KOC EB _________________________________Micro chip __________________

Color/Markings:______________________________________sex_____Date of Birth____________

Puppy's Sire _____________________________________________________________

Registered Name & # ___________________________________________________Call name_________

date of birth______________AKC #_____________color____________

Sire Owner _______________________________sire owner address____________________________

Puppy' Dam ________________________________________________________________

Registered Name & #____________________________________________________ call name___________

Date of Birth_________________AKC #___________color___________

Bitch owner_____________________________________bitch owner address________________________

New Owner information:

Name_______________________________________________________________ phone #____________________


Co-Owner ________________________Phone #_______________________________


Financial Arrangements

I/we _______________________________ agree to pay total purchase price of ____________ ( _______________________

________________) directly to the breeder, Cyndi or Sid Calk with KingofClubs Great Danes. I/we understand that the total payment

must be paidin the form of cash or Certified Bank Check Before I receive my puppy.

AKC Registration

Which type of AKC Registration will be provided for this puppy

______Limited AKC Registration Pet registration only=this puppy must be spay/neuter at 18 months may not be bred

______ Full AKC Registration planning on showing and potentially breeding- breeder may retain some breeding rights as discussed and outlined

Name Restrictions

There will be several restrictions

a) Name will begin with KOC ( for King of clubs) and this litter will be KOC EB for co then the approved musical name agreed on with breeder

B) you may ad your kennel name after puppy registration will be sent in at time of purchase

You will receive and AKC Registered Great Dane Puppy With Age appropriate Vaccinations and a state of Florida Health Certificate. Puppy will also come with micro chip


You will be receiving a health certificate dated within the past 7 days for flying determining that this puppy is healthy at the time of transfer to you. You will be given 3 days from the date of transfer to you to have a veterinarian examine this puppy to determine its health. After receipt of the puppy the buyer is solely responsible for veterinary care ,cost of vaccinations that follow and care due to any illnesses will be at the owner responsibility.

Seller does not guarantee the temperament of this dane because it is the responsibility of the purchaser/new owner to properly socialize

and train this puppy. We recommend puppy classes start as soon as vaccinations are complete. The Seller does not guarantee against

skin problems such as acne, demodetic manage ect. There are no warranties or guarantees apply to health related problems caused by nutrition or care nor any accident or illness not contracted before delivery or possession, These include but are not limited to HOD,hypertrophy osterdystrophy ,OCD- osteochondritis dissecans and panosteitis, cherry eye(environmental). Seller warranty applying to genetic disabilities.These include butare not limited to hip and elbow dysphasia. Buyer must contact sellar in the event of any crippling genetic defect and must have a statement from a licensed veterinarian. Seller will have licensed veterianary contact buyers vet and either do 2 opinion or agree with sellers vets. diagnosis. Should a puppy need to be euthanized due to genetic defect within first 2 years of life KOC will credit the full purchase price towards a puppy from future available  litter. The breeder Sid & Cyndi Calk will not be responsible

for any fees associated with the transfer of the puppy back to breeder, or any vet examinations or tests. The AKC papers and puppy must be returned before a credit or new puppy  will be exhchanged.

Transferring Ownership:

There is NEVER tobe a change of ownership or living situation other then intended owner .in any way without prior written consentof the breeder, if you ever decide that you do not want this puppy or can not keep this puppy for any reason then you must contact the breeder Sid & Cyndi Calk The purchase price will NOT be refunded. In some rare instances the breeder may allow the puppy to be transferred to another home ,However , this is NEVER to be done without prior written approval of the breeder first.

Specific details of sale:

By signing this contract you agree to provide the following for this puppy

* Loving indoor home environment for the puppy to live

* Proper socialization beginning soon after receiving its final booster shots

* High quality dog food with proper nutritional levels for rapidly for rapidly growing Great Dane (vitamin c)

* Proper veterinary care including yearly exams and as otherwise needed immunizations

* Heart worm and flea preventative

*other deworming treatments as needed

By Signing this contract all parties agree that they have read and understand this entire contract and agree that is a legally binding contract to be upheld in a court of law.Any and all legal issues regarding breeching this contract will be filed and decided in Sarasota County Florida regardless of who files the charges. By signing below ,I guarantee that all information and documents provided are correct and true to the best of my knowledge

____________________________________________  _____________________________________________

signature of new owner                                                      signature of new co=owner


Date of transfer______________________________how transferred_________________________________

Non refundable deposit paid__________________ date_________________________

amount paid in full___________________________________date____________________

Seller /Breeder___________________________________________________date__________________


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